Artist statement

The main area of research in my practice is the construction of the female self in contemporary culture. I look into familiar objects raising these questions: how is the female body represented and idealized in western contemporary societies? What are the interactions between feminine identity and the domestic environment?

The appropriation of materials and objects of everyday life is essential to the composition of my installations. When I use such materials, I am not faithful to their original purpose.

My research for materials led me to the use of artificial attributes designed to enhance femininity such as fake eyelashes, make-up, hair extensions… The use of these “props” is understood like a promise of a better, more beautiful self.

The materials I choose are often industrial and/or commercial in nature: plastics, metal, acrylic, silicone and so on. These materials are surrounding us. They are easy to obtain through the Internet or in a DIY store. I am particularly interested in exploring the tension that arises when using cold, synthetic materials to discuss the human body and the intimate development of the self.

The process of making involves simple everyday gestures like pouring a liquid, hanging a towel/garment or placing an object on a shelf. This replication of familiar, intimate moments is intentionally apparent in the finished work, nothing is hidden.

My final installations are presented as sets, referencing displays seen in commercial environments. In the “Anatomized” series (2017), each set uses its own language, with specific materials and objects. Collectively, the sets attempt to examine the genesis of female identity from different angles.